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March 23rd

Parent Teacher Conference 4-6PM

March 30th

Red Cross Blood Drive

April 1st

Princess Ball at CCHS

April 12th

SAT School Test Day for 11th Graders

Students of the Month

Gracie Johnson

Gracie Johnson (1)

The Clay County High School student of the month for March is Gracie Johnson. Gracie is the 15-year-old daughter of Chris and Alicia Johnson, and she is currently a sophomore at CCHS. Gracie’s favorite subject in school this year is English, because it has always been her strong suit. In her spare time, Gracie likes to play softball, go shopping, and go to church. Gracie is still undecided about which college she wants to attend after high school, but she plans on becoming a sonographer.

Logen Pauley


The Clay County High School Communities In Schools student of the month for March is Logen Pauley. Logen is the 14-year-old grandson of Danny and Della Bird, and he is currently a freshman at CCHS. In his free time, Logen likes to play on his phone. Logen is unsure, at this point, about his plans for after high school.

"Once A Panther, Always A Panther!"





Tanner, Allen - Principal

Nichols, Angela- Associate/Assistant Principal

Morris, Robert - Associate/Assistant Principal/CTE Director


Holcomb, Vickie - Secretary

Jackson, Amanda - Secretary


Osburn, Leslie – Counselor

Corwell, Sabrina - Counselor


Rosette, Paulette


Holcomb, Denise- Aide

Varney, Karen - Aide

Shafer, Teresa- Aide

School Nurse

Moore, Jenny


Nutter, Jennifer - Café Manager

Brady, Jennie

Norton, Tiffany


Drake, Mike

Ramsey, Charles

Runion, Jesse

Sears, Jamie

Technology Specialist

Krauklis, Jeff

Athletic Director

Dobbins, Philip

Future Leaders Program Coordinators

Armes, Wesley


Knopp, Gregory - Homeless Liaison/Transition Specialist

Arnold, Lisa - Communities in Schools Site Coordinator


Bragg, Jennifer

Burdette, Casey

Burkhammer, Logan

Corwell, Trey

Dancy, Luella

Detamore, Jessica

Dobbins, Philip

Dolly, Brittany

Fitzwater, Christy

Gibson, Scott

Greenlee, Julie

Hacker, Morgan

Hanshaw, Kirsten

Hubbard, Melody

Johnson, Chris

Krajeski, Shawn

Lewis, McKenzie

McFarland, Kelsey

Miller, Joy

Nichols, Jason

Parker, Katelin

Paxton, Jamie

Pennington, Tasha

Scott, Taylor Connard

Shelton, Amanda

Starcher, Jr., Ronald

Stricker, Matt

Tanner, Jamie

Tanner, Kenneth

Tanner, Tara

Walker, Angie

Walker, Dwayne