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November 22-26

Thanksgiving Break 

November 6th

Band at Logan Camp Competition

November 6th

Regional Cheer Competition @ Lincoln High School

November 7th

Daylight Saving Time Ends

Brenden Nelson

The Clay County High School Communities In Schools student of the month for November is Brenden Nelson. Brenden is the 15-year-old son of Jerry and Christina Nelson, and he is currently a freshman at CCHS. Brenden’s favorite subject in school this year is history because he finds it to be a very important and interesting subject. In his free time, Brenden enjoys video games and fitness. After high school, Brenden plans to go to college and hopefully pursue something related to history, perhaps a degree in Classics.


The Clay County High School student of the month for November is Megan Sears. Megan is the 18-year-old daughter of Timothy and Julie Sears, and she is currently a senior at CCHS. Megan’s favorite subjects in school this year are chemistry and Bio Med 2 because those subjects interest her, the teachers are awesome and always willing to help, and the classes will help her in her future career. In her free time, Megan enjoys spending time with her family and boyfriend, playing with her dogs, Nash and Boomer, listening to music, cleaning, running, mowing grass, spending time outside, going to church, and shopping. After high school, Megan plans to go straight to college at West Virginia Institute of Technology, where she will attend four years to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. After completing that degree, she plans to get her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and specialize in being a nurse practitioner. With that, she wants to work in the intensive care unit at a hospital that makes her feel at home!

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Gibson, Crystal - Principal

Kearns, Mike- Associate/Assistant Principal

Morris, Robert - Associate/Assistant Principal/CTE Director


Elliott, Dee - Secretary

Holcomb, Vickie - Secretary


Osburn, Leslie – Counselor

Smith, Heidi - Psychiatrist

Parker, Megan - Therapist

Duffield, Kelly - Grant Coordinator


Holcomb, Denise- Aide

Belt, Dawn- Aide

Shafer, Teresa- Aide


Childers, Dorothy

Barss, Becky

Coleman, Jennifer

Norton, Tiffany


Drake, Mike

Ramsey, Charles

Runion, Jesse

Technology Specialist

Krauklis, Jeff

Athletic Director

Ramsey, Mary

Future Leaders Program Coordinators

Armes, Wesley


Knopp, Gregory - Homeless Liaison/Transition Specialist

Arnold, Lisa - Communities in Schools Site Coordinator


Bragg, Jennifer

Burdette, Casey

Burkhammer, Logan

Connard, Taylor

Corwell, Trey

Dancy, Luella

Detamore, Jessica

Dobbins, Philip

Dolly, Brittany

Dorsey, Adam

Fitzwater, Christy

Gibson, Scott

Greenlee, Julie

Hacker, Morgan

Hanshaw, Kirsten

Holcomb, Brian

Hubbard, Melody

Huffman, Carrie

Krajeski, Shawn

McFarland, Kelsey

Miller, Joy

Nichols, Jason

Parker, Katelin

Pennington, Tasha

Proctor, Daniel

Shelton, Amanda

Starcher, Jr., Ronald

Stricker, Matt

Tanner, Allen

Tanner, Jameson

Tanner, Tara

Walker, Angie