Students of the Month

Kai Woods

Johnna Keaton

Kai Woods

The Clay County High School student of the month for December is Kai Woods. Kai is the 16-year-old daughter of Samantha Gray, and she is currently a junior at CCHS. Kai’s favorite subjects in school this year are AP Government and Politics and AP Literature. Kai enjoys AP GOPO because she enjoys learning about the Constitution and the foundations, philosophies, and policies of government. She also really enjoys the “We the People” competitions. Kai enjoys AP LIT because she feels it really gives insight into literature, and English has always been fun to her. She feels that AP Lit really widens her view of the world beyond just structured language, and, while it has strict rules in some parts, it can also be subjective in others. Although Kai seldom has free time, when she does, she likes to write and spend time baking. She also enjoys true crime documentaries because she feels like they can be very intriguing. After high school, Kai plans to go to college to get an undergraduate degree in either history of political science. She then hopes to go to law school and get her Juris Doctor degree (JD) to fulfill her dream of becoming a lawyer!

Johnna Keaton #2

The Clay County High School Communities In Schools student of the month for December is Johnna Keaton. Johnna is the 14-year-old daughter of Johnny and Stephanie Keaton, and she is currently a freshman at CCHS. Johnna’s favorite subjects in school this year are math and world history. Johnna has always liked math and learning new solutions. She enjoys world history class because she likes learning about history, and also because Mr. Starcher makes the class fun! In her free time, Johnna likes to listen to music or listen to true crime stories. After high school, Johnna plans to take a year off from school to save money to attend her dream college, Glenville State. She plans on becoming an ultrasound technician in the future.