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Counselor - Leslie Osburn


Social, emotional, and academic needs for students to be prepared for academic rigor. Helps with interest and potential career options. A counselor improves teacher/Parent relationships, assists with college, jobs, and scholarships.

How to Contact - / 304-587-4226

Counselor - Sabrina Corwell


Mrs. Corwell is our main 504 coordinator. She also helps with developing, implementing and managing school guidance programs. Working with students in individual, small group and classroom settings. Assisting students with creating an academic plan for their education.


How to Contact - 304-587-4226/

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Therapist - Megan Parker


Provides advice and treatment to children with special educational needs. The job is to assess how the school environment affects a student and recommend or administer treatments and encourage behavioral changes that address the needs of the child.


Available in office on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

How to Contact - 304-587-4226